As one who has received unnumbered benefits from...

As one who has received unnumbered benefits from Christian Science, I feel it both my pleasure and my duty to testify to a few of them, though there would not be room enough in the whole of the Sentinel to contain them all. This beautiful religion has changed my whole nature and my whole outlook on life; it has made me find love, sympathy, and desirable characteristics in my fellow man where before I had only seen selfishness, jealousy, and censure; and it has changed me from a sickly and discontented woman to one brimming over with love, joy, activity, and health. Whereas I used to suffer from pangs of rheumatism the very moment I got my shoes even slightly damp, now if need be I can sit for hours in soaking boots without the slightest suggestion of ill effects. Headaches, which used to occur every few days, are now things of the past. I sprained my ankle one afternoon, the bones twisting over until they touched the ground, but that same evening I joined in a skipping match without any discomfort.

While playing tennis one afternoon I was struck on the eyeball with tremendous force by a tennis ball, at only a couple of yards' distance; the pain left me like a flash, while the consequent swelling and discoloration, which were extremely pronounced, disappeared within the hour without leaving any subsequent trace, and I was able to continue playing tennis as if nothing had happened. A little finger which was crooked and also stiff to rigidity, owing to an accident about thirty years before, was completely healed in one night. But the visible and physical results of Christian Science are nothing to the invisible and spiritual ones, although we greatly value the former, if only for a practical proof of the truth of our religion—this Jacob's ladder that will finally lead us to the very throne of grace.—(Mrs.)Nellie Elizabeth Sherwood-Kelly, London, England.

Testimony of Healing
It is about six years since I first took up the study of...
July 17, 1920

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