This testimony is given as an expression of thanks for the...

This testimony is given as an expression of thanks for the protection which a knowledge of the truth as taught in Christian Science afforded me in a business transaction.

In the latter part of 1918 an advertisement appeared in our local paper offering to exchange property in a southern state for a city house and lot. We had talked of selling our city property and moving to some place in the middle south. We answered the advertisement and a man called to tell us about the property. He disclaimed any financial interest in it but had lived where it was located, and gave us the name and address of the owner. We corresponded with the owner and arrived at a basis for a trade if his property proved to be satisfactory to us. About this time we decided to go south and arranged our trip to pass through the place where the property was located. To our great surprise we met some of our home people at the station as we alighted from the train and discovered that some of the land in question joined theirs, the rest of it being about four miles out, which they were well acquainted with. From them we learned that the property had been quoted to us as being worth more than three times what it had been offered for to local parties, with no buyers. As we continued our journey we realized that we had been protected from being victimized; that the truth which we had expressed in the value set upon our own property, and the intent to deal fairly, had necessarily revealed error, and by uncovering it made it of no effect.

Testimony of Healing
As one who has received unnumbered benefits from...
July 17, 1920

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