The love for good that is in every human heart is the...

The Christian Science Monitor

The love for good that is in every human heart is the bedrock on which character is built. It can never be entirely lost, for it constitutes that spark of spiritual power which enables a man to reach out toward divine Principle. It is the light that must burn until the perfect day of spiritual understanding. It bases every man's endeavor for reform and is the reason why the most apparently degraded creature can reform. Nevertheless, it lies out of sight and beyond the range of recognition while a man indulges in willful ignorance of Principle, revels in the pleasure and fears the pain of material sense.

There are many people in the world who have never heard of Principle, and who from their earliest days were not only left untaught concerning good, but were trained from childhood to follow evil ways. To them goodness as an aim would be unknown were it not for the existence of this spark of spiritual understanding, this latent capacity to choose the good, which makes reform possible. No man should, therefore, feel himself without hope in the world, no matter how far his acts and his thoughts have led him to conclude himself shut out from the straight way, because the "Light, which lighteth every man," can never be extinguished. This light is not a portion of the human or mortal mind, but is a reflection of the divine. It is the fact of man's spiritual existence which the human mind essays to counterfeit and hide. It is the direct reflection of divine Love, and what greater exemplification of Love can there be at this hour than the Science of Christianity which brings this comforting truth to the knowledge of mankind?

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