"Father and Mother"

Christian science is the revelation of Truth to this age, and therefore requires humility and inspiration to be understood. The student needs humility, whereby he is able to cast out of his thought all foolish pride and erroneous theories based on the reality of matter and evil, even that "wisdom of this world" which Paul says "is foolishness with God," and needs inspiration and divine hunger and thirst after righteousness, which are true prayer and never remain unanswered.

This wonderful Science shows how the Bible, when understood spiritually, contains the solution for every problem that perplexes humanity, and teaches how we can make this knowledge of practical value in our daily life. One of the first steps is to rediscover for ourselves the correct conception of God, Principle, as our loving Father and Mother. For many centuries mankind has been suffering from a false belief of Deity as an anthropomorphic Being—a kind of glorified man of austerity and fierce retribution, the creator of a visible material universe and of men and women full of evil traits and tendencies. With such an opinion, is it any wonder that humanity is crying out for something better, and that, as such erroneous thinking produces its fruits of sickness and despair, many are at length willing to swallow their own prejudicies and learn something of the glory of Principle as taught in Christian Science?

The Seamless Robe
July 17, 1920

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