For ten years Christian Science has been of such help...

For ten years Christian Science has been of such help in my life that I would not for an instant be without it. This beautiful Science has taught me the footsteps of Truth, the availability of divine laws as well as the omnipotence of God, the divine Mind, in the solution of every problem. I have lately had a greater proof of this than ever before, when my spiritual individuality in God was demonstrated, the power of matter proved to be a lie, and I realized that "Spirit is the only substance, the invisible and indivisible, infinite God" (Science and Health, p. 335). On Saturday, November 29, 1919, I was on my way home at 11.30, when I suddenly remembered that I had no apples for my lunch. As the hucksters were on the other side of the street I started across, thinking I could do it safely. But I was thrown down by an automobile truck which ran over my body, my thick coat being caught under the machine. I was dragged along for about thirty feet on the slippery pavement before the truck came to a stop, leaving torn pieces of clothing all along the way. The crowd shouted furiously at the driver and said, "The poor man is crushed to pieces." But when the policemen, with the aid of the driver, got me out, covered with mud and blood but alive, the crowd shouted, "A miracle!" and their excitement increased when they saw me, held up by the policemen, walk to the nearest drug store for first aid, and draw up a statement of the accident.

What surprised these people most was to see me alive and they did not understand how I had escaped from being completely crushed, or decapitated by the chain. They did not know that when I found myself caught under the body of the machine, seeming to struggle with the brute force of matter, I had not lost consciousness of the truth. The ninety-first psalm came to my thought and I dwelt in the "secret place of the most High," putting on the "shield and buckler" of Truth. I was filled with joy and could appreciate the saying that "man's extremity is God's opportunity," since I had experienced the obstruction of death by the understanding of Life, God, and I exclaimed aloud, "Praise be to God!" In this state of mind I refused the help of the druggists, but as I was to be taken to the hospital I let them clean and dress the wounds. In the meantime the policemen were making their report. The driver having notified a Christian Scientist whose address I had given him, offered to take me to the hospital and I was put on the car with a policeman on each side of me. It was then that the driver appealed for my pity saying: "I have heard that you are an officer and you will understand my position when I tell you that I have been through the war and have been demobilized just five months. I am married, and have a child and a sick relative to provide for. This is my first accident. I am on probation with this firm and if you do not help me they will take away my license and my family and I will be destitute." I told him that I would relieve him of all responsibility for the accident, but that I hoped it would be a lesson to him, and I gave him a written statement so that he should not be disturbed. How could I refuse? All this time my heart was just filled with joy.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science is in truth our warmth in winter and...
July 17, 1920

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