Uplifting Desire

To the writer, who had long been a lover of nature and the out-of-doors, there came a time, after beginning the study of Christian Science, when some doubt presented itself to her thought as to how, in the light of this new-old study, the beauties of nature were to be viewed; but as the vision of the spiritual creation gradually dawned upon her, these words of our Leader's in Miscellany (p. 129) were found very helpful: "The oracular skies, the verdant earth—bird, brook, blossom, breeze, and balm—are richly fraught with divine reflection," and in the light of these words many beautiful lessons were learned.

One such lesson was unfolded during a recent vacation period which was being spent largely in the study of our Leader's writings. One morning when out under the trees with the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," engaged in the study of the Lesson-Sermon, my attention was drawn to a young robin very near by, which was evidently just receiving his first instruction in the art of flying. He was making unsuccessful attempts to reach a window ledge not more than three feet above the ground. Several times he made the attempt, and each time failed to reach the desired place and fluttered back to the ground beneath.

Rising Above Limitations
January 31, 1920

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