A Lesson from a Cloud

On a morning late in September, a student of Christian Science arose at dawn, as the sun in all its early morning splendor was just peeping above the horizon. A warm, gentle rain had fallen during the night, — the first rainfall of the season after the long, dry summer, during which there is no rain on that section of the Pacific Coast where she resided. As the sun rose higher in the heavens, dispelling the darkness, it could be seen that the trees and shrubbery in a near-by park had apparently donned a new garment of green as a result of the refreshing bath received from the soft downpour of rain during the night, and the flowers in the surrounding gardens had taken on a more brilliant hue and were lifting up their heads as if to greet the sun and to drink in the pure morning air.

As the student leaned out of the window to take in more of the beautiful sight, there was a sharp reminder of a physical ailment which had been present for a day or two and which had not yet been overcome, an ailment which had, a number of years before and previous to the time when Christian Science had been found by this student, kept the sufferer confined to bed for the larger part of a week and at considerable expense for doctor and medicine bills, and loss of the week's salary. There had been a return of this physical disorder on several occasions during the years that followed, in which this student had been seeking the light of Truth as taught by our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy; but it had always been quickly overcome with the help of a practitioner in one or two treatments, or by the student's own realization of the truth, so it had never again become necessary to remain at home for even a day. No help had been asked for in this instance, the student desiring if possible to make the demonstration herself, but it was plainly evident that the error had not as yet been overcome.

January 31, 1920

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