Extracts from Letters

[From a man serving a life sentence in a State Prison]

"I feel that the right time has come to give my testimony of my physical and mental healings through Christian Science, hoping that it may 'magnify God' and help its readers as I have been helped by the testimonies of others given in the Christian Science periodicals.

"Before I was acquainted with Christian Science, I was full of complaints of physical and mental troubles. My false beliefs had darkened my consciousness so that I could not know how to free myself from my diseases. But when in a great need I began to study Christian Science, in 1915, my consciousness was soon illumined, and my false beliefs gave way before the truth of Christian Science as darkness gives way before the light. I began to apply my understanding of Christian Science to my daily needs, and the result was very satisfactory, for my diseases gradually disappeared. Melancholy, despondency, neuralgia, fevers, nausea, catarrh, bowel troubles, headaches, pimples of five years' standing, smoking and chewing habits of three years' standing, and many other minor ailments were my diseases which I have overcome by Christian Science. I have been cured of headaches and fevers instantaneously. Some Christian Scientists have kindly treated me, but it was, however, my diligent and constant study of Christian Science that enabled me to demonstrate the unreality of disease. I have not used a single drop of medicine since I began to study Christian Science; only the truth has been my physician and medicine. Now I enjoy physical and mental health, which I owe to my understanding of Christian Science. I know that Christian Science can destroy 'all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people,' and make its genuine student perfect, no matter where he may be, whether in prison or in a palace.

The Right Beginning for Thought
January 31, 1920

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