I can never thank God enough for Christian Science

I can never thank God enough for Christian Science. It has so completely changed my life and my entire outlook on life, that words fail miserably when I try to express all that Mrs. Eddy's teaching has meant to me. Looking back upon a life full of self-centered impatience and criticism of others, I can see how all through the mental unrest I was longing for some better guidance and rule of life than the ordinary concept of Christian religion gives. I knew nothing whatever of Christian Science until led to inquire into it as the only possible remedy left untried for the relief from constant suffering of one very dear to me. Fifteen years of disappointed hopes in doctors and material means had so weakened our faith in man's help that when the real meaning of Christian Science was explained, we instantly and joyfully recognized it as the only logical explanation of God and the Bible, of man and the universe.

I had hardly thought of Science as a help for myself, but at that time I had been suffering for several years from acute rheumatoid arthritis, and was so crippled that I could not stand or move without two sticks, while a most limited and severe diet seemed my one hope of not having every joint in my body rendered useless. It was over three years after I turned to Christian Science before I could walk at all without a stick, but I never lost my clear conviction that this religion is the truth, and in those three years I had many proofs of this. During the first few months of treatment I was healed of an obstinate internal trouble which doctors had told me was incurable at my age. I also began to sleep naturally and soundly and to eat without fear anything set before me. Then one evening, when I was battling with depression and earnestly praying for light, the light was sent, for I suddenly saw that I was treating this lameness as if it were real, as if God had made it; I was afraid of my leg, was nursing it and sparing it. From that day my condition steadily improved. To-day I run up and down stairs and jump off and no motor busses with an activity many half my age do not have. When I last saw a well-known oculist, twelve years ago, he told me I had strong astigmatism as well as gout, and must never read, write, or work without glasses, whereas for several years I have not worn them and have had no return of the old trouble.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the help...
January 31, 1920

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