The letter from an "Ex-School Teacher" under the caption...

State Journal

The letter from an "Ex-School Teacher" under the caption "Faddism in Public Schools" is in fact a veiled fling at Christian Science by one who quite evidently does not understand the subject and is for that very reason disqualified to speak on it intelligently. In this connection it cannot be too emphatically stated that Christian Science is a demonstrable religion, and no person is in a position to criticize it who cannot heal sin and disease as a result of understanding its teachings.

The Christian Science teaching about disease and death is the Bible teaching on these subjects. The Christian Scientist does not say they are not real to the human consciousness. Mrs. Eddy teaches in Science and Health (p. 460): "Sickness is neither imaginary nor unreal,—that is, to the frightened, false sense of the patient. Sickness is more than fancy; it is solid conviction. It is therefore to be dealt with through right apprehension of the truth of being." On page 39 of the same book she states: "The Bible calls death an enemy, and Jesus overcame death and the grave instead of yielding to them. He was 'the way.' " We learn to know and to follow Christ Jesus, the Way-shower, in Christian Science; and as we gain the Mind of Christ, we are able to utilize his methods of healing. The term "error" is used by the Christian Science student in the same sense in which Jesus used similar terms, as when he cast out the devil (error) of dumbness.

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