The column, "Crusts and Crumbs," in a recent issue,...

Toronto (Ontario) Sunday World

The column, "Crusts and Crumbs," in a recent issue, contains a statement to the effect that the gentleman who set December, 1917, as the "scientifically correct" date for the end of the world, was following along the same lines of interpreting Biblical prophecy as Mrs. Eddy did. Kindly permit me to say that Mrs. Eddy's writings give no countenance to any such guess, speculation, or vagary. Mrs. Eddy, as a Bible student, did certainly arrive at the conclusion that "the world passeth away, and the lust thereof." She also looked "for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness." She taught very clearly that the transformation is from material to spiritual conceptions of the world. It is not cataclysmic or catastrophic, but a progressive development in human consciousness. Therefore it is not germane to Christian Science to set any date for "the end of the world."

The point of view of Christian Science is practical, not speculative, expecting the continuous performance of good. Recognizing that divine Mind is the supreme, universal, governing Principle, Christian Scientists are encouraged to go on with the work of improving human conditions, increasing the sum of human happiness, health, and harmony, unhampered by any speculative theories as to when matter will be seen to disappear. How can it disappear so long as the human, material, so-called mind is not completely displaced by spiritual thinking?

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