Our critic declares that the claims of Mrs. Eddy "for her...

Morrow County Independent

Our critic declares that the claims of Mrs. Eddy "for her system of teaching are so extraordinary as to be unbelievable." He evidently means that he cannot accept them. But how about the thousands upon thousands in this and other lands who do accept them? It may be assumed that they possess an average intelligence. Our critic further declares that "probably the outstanding absurdity of her system is her denial of the reality of the material universe, of the human body, of sin, of pain and disease." Christian Science teaching does deny the reality of these things in the absolute, spiritual sense, and the Bible is the authority for it. To flash the statement to the public, omitting the premise from which it is deduced and upon which it rests, places Christian Science and its adherents in a false light. Can we not agree that in our present immature state, none are able to see things as God made them, but as we rise spiritually our views of creation will improve until we finally awake in the likeness of God—when we will know even as also we are known?

The material universe, the human body, sin, pain, and disease, Christian Science admits are real to material sense, but it is this false sense of things which Christian Science repudiates. According to the first chapter of Genesis God made all that was made and it was very good. It was a spiritual creation, however. Christian Science insists upon the absolute or spiritual creation and preaches from this standpoint. The new heaven and new earth recorded in Revelation will appear to any consciousness prepared for it. Likewise, the new man, or spiritual, incorporeal child of God, will be easily cognized when the old man with his deeds is put off. Paul declares, "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear."

November 29, 1919

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