It is related that at one time Michelangelo called at the studio of Raphael, and finding his friend absent, examined the canvasses that were in the room. An unfinished picture on an easel attracted his attention, and feeling that the subject was being handled in too small a way, he wrote on a paper, with significant meaning, the one word, "Larger," placed it beside the picture and went away.

Christian Science is awaking millions to realize for the first time that they are painting on life's canvas with strokes too small, and have been studying a model too limited. Because each thought paints after its kind, self-loving, discordant, flesh entwined thoughts must portray their warped and painful likenesses upon the body and its affairs. With its divine demand of "Larger," Christian Science turns men to the study of the Christ-model, the man of Mind's knowing, and teaches them how, with bold strokes of moral courage, alertness, diligence, and selflessness, to reproduce this perfect model in all its purity and sublimity upon the canvas of experience.

That individual does not merely exist, but lives, who questions his thought models to see if they are good enough to endure throughout eternity, and if not, discards them as unfit for to-day. He walks on the same earth with the small and commonplace thinker, but he lives in a wholly different mental world and sees entirely different views, for the thoughts of the one are self-centered and bound, while the thoughts of the other are God-centered and free; one gazes at the dismal, cramped objects of material sense, while the other perceives the limitless beauty and joy of spiritual sense.

November 29, 1919

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