I was healed of a number of diseases through reading...

I was healed of a number of diseases through reading Science and Health, although I was not in the least interested in Christian Science and had no thought of physical healing. I was and had been for a number of years an invalid, miserable in every sense of the word, and finally began to feel that I must know more of God—in some way get closer to Him. I was reared in a most religious manner, having been taught the wonderful power of God as my dear mother understood it, so in my distress it was natural for me to turn to God.

A copy of Science and Health had been given me, and divine Love turned my attention to the reading of this book. I did not find it at all interesting, but read a few pages here and there some days, though not understanding anything I read. During this time, however, I forgot to take a material remedy which had been taken for years as a prevention for gallstones. It was some time, perhaps two weeks, before I noticed that I had not taken it; then I did not think of the reading I had done as having anything to do with this; I only realized that it had not been needed at all. Then one morning I found myself without a heavy support that was laced up on me every day on account of hernia. As the physician had told me of something terrible that would happen to me should I try to step without this truss, my first thought was to put it on, and I did so. I could not be operated on for this trouble because of Bright's disease, but I noticed that even this was changing, and I suffered less from severe headaches; and like a flash it dawned on me that it was through my reading in Science and Health these changes had been brought about.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has proved itself to me as the Comforter
November 29, 1919

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