True Happiness

Happiness might be generally defined as the state of being happy. What is it to be happy? Mortal sense tells us that to be happy we must realize some fond ambition in relation to health, wealth, power, place, or environment; but does the realization of these or any one of them bring real happiness? We might truthfully answer no; for we have evidence on every hand that those who possess one, two, or even all of these so-called requisites, are sometimes most miserable. Why? Because there is really nothing in these things, either individually or collectively, that can bring happiness, unless we have some understanding of their real source and origin.

One might possess all the wealth of the world, and with it power, yet still be unhappy or have a sense of ill health. Why? Because an individual in possession of these things and ignorant of man's spiritual origin may be selfish, narrow, bigoted, and jealous. Such a man does not wish to share his good fortune with all mankind. His idea of happiness is solely self-centered. It must be gained at the expense of all else in the world. In other words, his idea of happiness is that it can be gained only by self-satisfaction. Yet he is not happy; he is filled with fear at all times,—afraid that somebody or something is trying to deprive him of some portion of his worldly possessions, that his power may be wrested from him at any moment, that he may lose his health or position through the machination of some unseen force.

The Coming of the Christ
February 16, 1918

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