After mature deliberation and a reasonable lapse of time...

After mature deliberation and a reasonable lapse of time it seems fitting that I should give my testimony to the glorious results of learning the Christ-way as rediscovered by Mrs. Eddy. A few years ago I was just a common man as to habits, that is, I smoked and chewed tobacco and took a drink sometimes, as so many do; therefore it may be readily understood that I did not take up Christian Science with any thought of reformation. I began to read the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," solely for information, as I had read many other religious works, but I soon got the surprise of my life—I could not chew tobacco any more, and was at a loss to know why.

Soon afterward I read that people had been healed by reading this book. Not believing this possible, I laid the book aside for a time, but could not banish it from my thought. Then it came to me, Why do so many urge others to read the Bible? If that is good, perhaps this is also; so I began to read the textbook again and soon I could not smoke the pipe any more, nor take a drink either. Still I smoked cigars and seemed to enjoy them greatly, using from seven to ten a day. I had been attending a Christian Science church for quite a while, and joined the church without a clear understanding that it was not expected its members would smoke. Then I saw that it would not do to be a church member and smoke too. That evening I said that in the morning I would go to the church officers and ask to have my name taken off the books until such time as I was entirely healed of this habit also. I slept better that night than I had for a long time, and in the morning, as my custom was, I lighted a cigar, but I could not smoke it. It seemed to make me as much trouble as it would a child who had never used tobacco. After breakfast I tried another of a different sort, but it was the same, and from that day to this the smell of tobacco has been offensive to me.

Testimony of Healing
I first investigated Christian Science out of curiosity
February 16, 1918

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