I feel that the time has come for me to make a just acknowledgement...

I feel that the time has come for me to make a just acknowledgement of what this healing truth has done for me and mine. When Christian Science found me I had everything to make me happy and contented, but as the physicians had pronounced sentence upon me for a physical ill, I felt as though I had no hope. After one treatment I was fully convinced that Christian Science was the truth, and even though the symptoms seemed aggravated, I continued to study harder. It was a long while before I received a demonstration of physical healing, but during the time, I refused medicine or any material remedy, and the spiritual understanding I gained was wonderful, for peace, joy, and happiness were restored.

After the birth of my baby boy I realized that my faith must be known by my works, and I will tell of an experience we had, hoping it will help some one. During his second summer, dysentery started one afternoon, accompanied by high fever. I called for help in Christian Science and the fever disappeared instantly, but the other condition continued. I felt perfectly satisfied that normal action would be restored, but fear overtook my husband, who is not a Christian Scientist, and he called a doctor. The body was under the physician's care for two weeks, but there was no improvement, and the last two days conditions were worse. I refused to care for the case any longer under medical treatment, so my husband asked me to try Christian Science again. That was Saturday; on Sunday the dysentery was checked and Monday the healing was complete. We both received a good lesson from that experience. We learned how to resist error, and have never had a desire to call a doctor since.

From the Press
February 16, 1918

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