In your account of the Diocesan Conference in to-day's...

Cape Times

In your account of the Diocesan Conference in to-day's Cape Times it was a pleasure to read the report of Canon Herford's thoughtful paper, and the words—gentle, just, and constructive—of His Grace the Archbishop, also of the Dean of Capetown. The latter's proposition is a splendid one, namely, that "the best way of meeting Christian Science is by going one better than the Christian Scientists themselves." That, I take it, would be to demonstrate better, quicker, more perfect healing of sin, sickness, and suffering than Christian Scientists have yet accomplished, and this would be grand. God is the only source of healing in Christian Science, so it would be impossible to "draw from a purer source," but if we were all agreed to turn to that one infinite source alone, not only for our spiritual needs but also for our health and happiness, then we would all be working together, with one ideal. This spiritual unity would be a bright prospect for the thousands of people who have loved their old church, who still love and respect all that is good in it as well as out of it, and who call themselves Christian Scientist today because they have found that Christian Science has shown them in their hour of need how to avail themselves of Christ's teachings in a way that has enabled them, more than ever before, to realize and experience, spiritually, morally, physically, the healing power and presence of the God who is Love.

It is sad to have to strike a jarring note by referring to the remarks made by a reverend gentleman who admits that he has not even read the Christian Science textbook, yet makes sweeping misstatements, culminating in an outrageous misquotation. May I be allowed to say positively that nowhere in Mrs. Eddy's writings, nor in any other Christian Science literature, is to be found any statement inferring that Christian Science teaches any possible present or future abolition of morality. On the contrary, Christian Science demands and upholds the highest possible standard of morality. The things which count are the truth, the honesty of purpose, the spiritual impetus that lie behind speech and action. Mere words, whether in favor or abuse of Christian Science, will neither draw people to it nor frighten them away from it.

February 16, 1918

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