A Right Viewpoint

In determining the rightness of any human action this sentence is most helpful: "Whatever holds human thought in line with unselfed love, receives directly the divine power" (Science and Health, p. 192). As students of Christian Science we know that right human action has back of it the impulsion of divine Mind and expresses the activity of divine law. The recognition of this truth is most helpful in deciding what attitude should be taken toward an important question confronting the American people, including Christian Scientists; namely, the problem of the conservation of certain kinds of food.

Although as a human effort conservation is right, yet it will not accomplish its purpose unless it is undertaken by Christian Scientists with the consciousness that Mind governs, and in recognition of the fact that the power of right purpose lies in the operation of divine Mind acting through the mental qualities of unity, cooperation, obedience, and self-surrender. We need always to remember that right human endeavor is in no way a departure from spiritual knowing, but is rather the outcome of this knowing. Mrs. Eddy says of Jesus (Science and Health, p. 54), "Through the magnitude of his human life, he demonstrated the divine Life." In deciding upon a course of action regarding a question which involves others, much inspiration can be gained in turning to Jesus' life and works. Many times we catch gleams of divinity manifested through his simplest acts, wherein is shown his great humanity as well as his ability to maintain the right point of view, while making a concession to the human demand. This was the case when he paid tribute to Cæsar and when he turned the water into wine at the marriage feast. His conformity to the demand of human need was, however, always made the opportunity for a demonstration of Mind as substance.

True Happiness
February 16, 1918

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