In your department called "Health and Happiness," appears...

Ottawa (Ill.) Republican-Times

In your department called "Health and Happiness," appears a communication which is headed "A Christian Science Sufferer." This title is misleading, for the writer is evidently not a Christian Scientist, as is shown by the fact that she is depending on medical treatment and desires an operation. The fact that her father is a Christian Scientist does not make her one. Neither religion nor faith can be inherited. Therefore to call her a Christian Scientist for the purpose of condemning Christian Science is unfair.

The communication is from a young lady who periodically has great pain, for which she takes morphine. She reports having been treated by various physicians without benefit. They recommend an operation, which she says her father will not permit, and gives as the reason that he is a Christian Scientist. There is no way of locating the persons so as to ascertain the facts, but the reason given (that he is a Christian Scientist) is no reason for such refusal. The young lady is of age, and according to Science teachings should be allowed to make her own decision.

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