On page 140 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy writes,...

Brooklyn (N. Y.) Eagle

On page 140 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy writes, "Worshiping through the medium of matter is paganism." Christian Science proves beyond cavil that Spirit is not in its opposite, matter, any more than light is in darkness. Furthermore, Christian Science teaches that if God were available in certain localities and through certain persons only, He would be finite. If God were corporeal, it would be impossible for Him to be everywhere. But God is infinite ; He is everywhere present and always available. Only that which is mental or spiritual can be infinite. The Bible tells us that God is Spirit, and that He must be worshiped spiritually, through the understanding of divine Principle, Love.

Christ Jesus laid great stress on physical healing as proof of one's understanding of Christianity. He not only told his disciples that they would be known by their ability to heal, but when John the Baptist sent his followers to inquire if Jesus were the Christ, Jesus pointed to the healing he had done. Then he told John's messengers to return and tell their master what they had seen. Jesus knew this proof would convince John. It is as necessary for one to be able to heal the sick in order to prove that he understands Jesus' teachings, as it is for one to compute in order to prove that he understands mathematics.

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