I desire to add my testimony of the healing power of Truth

I desire to add my testimony of the healing power of Truth. After having spent most of my life in the vain pursuit of worldly pleasures, I found myself about three years ago a moral, physical, and financial bankrupt. In this state of despair, through the loving persistency of my wife I consented to read Science and Health. After continuously reading it for twelve hours or more, I found myself healed of the desire to end this mortal existence. The drink habit with its accompaniments of stomach, liver, and bowel troubles vanished; also the belief in the necessity of wearing glasses for reading. I found my vision to be perfect after reading the text-book for about two hours, when I was compelled to take my glasses off and have not had to use them since.

I was formerly a pharmacist, and served as an acting hospital steward in the United States army both here and in the Philippine Islands, and had proven to my own satisfaction the fallacy of materia medica. As the truth of being dawned on my consciousness I saw the unreality of the material sense of existence, and the holy desire to know God and serve Him aright was firmly planted, and has since been the governing motive of my life. By making God's business my business I have had all things needful added unto me. I know that only by right living, based upon the Christ-principle as taught by Mrs. Eddy, can I pay the debt of gratitude I owe to God for His loving-kindness.

April 22, 1916

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