Our critic has gone to some length to prove that Christian Science...

Lewiston (Maine) Journal

Our critic has gone to some length to prove that Christian Science teaches that disease is mental, and that its cure must be brought about by mental means. That is just right, for Christian Scientists heal by prayer, and in Christian Science prayers are mental. What I pointed out in my recent letter was that the mental means employed was not "will-power," as a physician had insisted it was. It was shown that the cures mentioned in Senator Works' speech in Congress were produced by mental means, but not by will-power. Does not our critic try with his material methods to heal sickness and make it unreal to his patients? Why should any one complain if Christian Scientists, by using Jesus' method of prayer or applied spiritual understanding, succeed often after every material means has failed?

If Christian Science is adding five, ten, twenty, or more years of healthy, happy existence here to thousands, then it has done something toward reaching that state to which Jesus referred when he said, "If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death." Shall we indeed relegate Jesus' sayings to the past and admit that they are of no practical value in this and every age? Christian Scientists are at least taking the first steps toward the ultimate overcoming of the "last enemy."

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