King Darius' Question

The sixth chapter of the book of Daniel is a well-spring of spiritual inspiration to the student of Christian Science who has seen instances of the power of divine Love to heal sickness and sin. Believing the Scripture to be true that declares Christ to be "the same yesterday, and today, and forever," the deliverance of Daniel from the lions is recognized as an instance of the ever-present and almighty protecting power of divine Love. It is natural, therefore, that when beset by perplexities and problems which often appear as formidable and dangerous as veritable lions, the student should turn to the Bible story of Daniel to refresh his thought by musing on the prophet's implicit faith and confidence in God, and to strive to realize that the same God is still "a very present help in trouble."

As Daniel may be taken for an example of the God-protected man, so may the Persian king Darius be regarded as a prototype of those seekers after Truth who at this time are reading the Bible in the light of a new hope, the hope that there is present today as of old a power to heal and save. Of this we are assured by our revered Leader on page 150 of Science and Health when she says: "Today the healing power of Truth is widely demonstrated as an immanent, eternal Science, instead of a phenomental exhibition. Its appearing is the coming anew of the gospel of 'on earth peace, good will toward men.'" The deep interest taken by the powerful king in the fate of Daniel, shown by his night of anxiety and restlessness, his fasting and gloom, indicates that he realized that the Hebrew captive in his ability to rely absolutely on his God possessed something which he as king with all his pomp and splendor had not, and he hoped even while he feared that Daniel would be able to prove his confidence to be founded on invincible Truth.

April 22, 1916

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