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Saints and seers of ages past have pointed us toward the same distant goal. In moments of illumination we have seemed to see it for ourselves, and then darkness has closed around our path again. There are times when we would be content never to reach it, but we go on because we have chosen our path and cannot turn back. At length, even in this world, there comes to a few that interior revelation of our spiritual home, which is as the awakening of heaven therein, and we know that nothing is real or lasting but the love of God. The Christ arises within us in power, and we know with a certainty of which no man can rob us that we are resposing at the heart of the eternal good. That which used to be outside us, so to speak, and toward which we had to climb with aching hands and bleeding feet, we now know to be our very life, the reality beyond which there is nothing. We maintain that this is a true presentment of the experience of every soul that is seeking the divine. We begin by feeling the power of something beyond us, and come in time to realize it is within us.

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April 22, 1916

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