Some time ago I was suffering from a serious condition of...

Some time ago I was suffering from a serious condition of the ball of my foot, and it caused me much pain. I had Christian Science treatment, and was progressing very favorably until the thought crept in that pus had accumulated under the skin and the only way to get it out was to have the foot lanced. Accordingly I called a physician, in the mean time informing the practitioner that I did not require his services any longer. After the foot was lanced twice it became decidedly worse, being terribly swollen; then the swelling began to creep up my leg. My family wished me to have a consultation of doctors to decide what should be done, but having had several experiences with the healing efficacy of Christian Science prior to this time, I was now ready to leave all material means and put my whole faith in the power of Truth. I accordingly turned to Christian Science, this-time with my whole trust, and in four days was walking around again.

For this healing and for many others, both physical and spiritual, I am very thankful to God, and grateful to Christian Science and to its Founder, Mrs. Eddy.

April 22, 1916

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