The Comforter

"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal." If these words of Thomas Moore are true, as Christians know them to be, then no multiplicity of sorrow, not the sorrows of all the earth, are beyond the healing power of divine Love. Christian Scientists, who understand the ever-presence of Life, know what it means to stand victorious before some seeming final grief, the utmost which mortal belief can do to hurt them. They know what it means to see the whole house become, as Shakespeare dared to phrase it, "a feasting presence full of light." They know what it means to cheer even those who come to comfort them, sharing thus the comfort wherewith they themselves are comforted of God. They know at last the meaning of Jesus' words to Martha, "I am the resurrection, and the life;" for there is no death, and they have seen into eternal life. They have seen, even though they cannot put it into words which mortal ears may hear, that no change has come for their beloved, but more light, more assurance of God, a brighter shining of that same beauty which has long sustained the Christian heart.

Christian Scientists know these things as a matter of understanding, not alone of hope or faith. In an hour of seeming loss or change they do not see "through a glass, darkly;" they have definite knowledge, clear as axiomatic truth. As they know that "a straight line is the shortest distance between two points," because they see it to be so, just so they know that Life is ever present, because they see it to be so. They look into the heart of divine Love, and they see there no shadow of darkness or fear. There is no loss; God's plan does not provide for loss or failure. His will is done on earth as it is in heaven. Our beloved do not die, for God is to them, to all, omnipresent Life.

God's Manifestation
April 22, 1916

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