I wish to testify to a most wonderful healing in Christian Science,...

I wish to testify to a most wonderful healing in Christian Science, that of my little daughter. From birth she had been subject to convulsions, and as time went on they became more frequent, of longer duration, and more severe. From the very first, normal action of the bowels was unknown, consequently all sorts of material means were employed to bring about the desired result. Her stomach also caused great distress, although she always seemed ready to eat; but just as soon as she swallowed even a little milk, convulsions would follow. She was born with a dislocated shoulder and curvature of the spine, so that she could not lie on her back, and her clothes had to be made very large in order to get them on. She was also unable to hold up her head. The back was very much deformed, and one side was entirely too large to correspond with the rest of the body. The right arm was drawn back, the left arm extended, and the legs were in a similar condition.

After trying all sorts of doctors and specialists here, we took the baby to the Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore and left her there to be examined. I went back to see her in a couple of days, hoping the physicians had located the trouble and could help her, but was met by the head doctor and told that I might take her home, as she had not long to live, and that they could do nothing for her, as there was no cure for a case like hers. He said they had diagnosed the case and found a condition of the brain which had rendered her an idiot. He also said that if she did happen to pull through she would be subject to epileptic fits, would never walk, and never have her right mind, but that I might expect the end at any time. On arriving home from the hospital the child became violently ill and was under the influence of an opiate for three days. The attending physician said there was absolutely no hope, that her death was only a question of a few hours. When apparently at the point of death, however, she rallied, much to the surprise of every one, and continued to live. After she became stronger we tried massage, but this, like everything else, failed to bring even temporary relief.

April 22, 1916

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