The sermon delivered by an evangelist at Greencastle, as...

The Herald

The sermon delivered by an evangelist at Greencastle, as reported in a recent issue, contains several references to Christian Science which show that he was tempted to speak without knowledge. The propriety of an attack on Christian Science by a spokesman for other denominations may be left to him and to his employers, or it may be referred to all members of the community who are able to discern the signs of these times. The majority of the people are likely to hold that one who does not want Christian Science for himself is not thereby licensed to hinder other people who do.

In the present case, the attack consisted chiefly of the speaker's personal opinions, so expressed as to be liable to acceptance for statements of fact. For example, the statement that Christian Science is a new name for Buddhism, cannot be more than a personal opinion; it was evidently uttered as a mere matter of invective. Christian Science and what is commonly called Buddhism are not the same, or even similar.

December 26, 1914

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