Healing of Lack

Every case of healing of whatever nature is the result of a human need, felt and expressed. It passes through various stages,—first a consciousness of discord, then a desire to be freed from it, later an application for help, and finally obedience to the demands of Truth.

In the second book of Kings we have the story of a widow, who, feeling her need and desiring that it might be supplied, went to Elisha for help. He at once gave her something to do, and she, willingly obedient, did as he commanded. There was no questioning on her part, no arguing, no dissatisfaction, no quibbling over the command, but straightforward, willing obedience. She went to her neighbors and borrowed all the empty vessels she could, filling them from the one pot of oil that she had, and the oil, when sold, supplied her present need. Jesus' first healing of which we have any record, was also one of lack. At the marriage in Cana of Galilee the supply of wine was insufficient, and Jesus, with his knowledge of the all-power of Mind, bade the servants fill the waterpots with water, draw out, and bear unto the governor of the feast. This they did, and the result was all that could be desired. In both cases that have been cited, the need was taken to the highest known source to be supplied. Now the same God, the same power, the same Principle is present today, and there is no real reason why any one should experience lack, since man is the expression, the idea of God.

Profiting by Opportunity
December 26, 1914

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