Profiting by Opportunity

Great thanks are due Mrs. Eddy for her loving foresight in providing so many means by which to aid students of Christian Science in their search after Truth, and to enable them to progress in understanding with the greatest possible speed and thoroughness. Those who are not able to attend the church services are not debarred from worshiping God; for even if we are many miles away from any Christian Science church edifice, we can, by the aid of the Quarterly, read and study the same Lesson-Sermon which is being read to thousands of others at the same time all over the world. God is ever present, and will reveal Himself to the ranchman reading it alone on the wide stretches of the prairie, just as surely as He will to the great congregations of our cities. Many of the lectures are also published in pamphlet form, and besides the Bible, and Science and Health and the other works of Mrs. Eddy, we have the Journal, the Sentinel, and the Monitor, with our other literature, to afford us reading matter, any of which can be read or borrowed at the Christian Science reading-rooms.

It is evident that hearty appreciation is felt by Christian Scientists all over the world for the able endeavors of the Publishing Society, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Lectureship. The Sunday services, the Wednesday evening meetings, and especially the lectures, are as a rule attended by large audiences. The attendance at the reading-rooms is relatively small, and for the reason in part that the privileges there offered are not realized or appreciated as a whole. Blessings are sometimes lost sight of because we fail to perceive what is within our immediate reach. The writer was brought to see some opportunities afforded by the reading-room, and having taken advantage of them and been greatly helped and blessed thereby, would like others to profit by his experience; and this hope prompts the present writing.

December 26, 1914

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