Several years ago I heard about Christian Science as a...

Several years ago I heard about Christian Science as a healing agency, from a lady who had just become interested in the subject. When she told me that I could be healed through the reading of its text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," I laughed at the idea. I even thought that she was somewhat unbalanced mentally; but she did not argue with me, although I did my best to make her do so. I, however, wanted to read the book in order to get a better understanding of the teaching, so that if I got her into an argument I could get the better of her, and show her that she had fallen into a great error. But she was firm and I could not get her into any argument, so I temporarily gave up trying.

At that time I was in great need of physical help, as I was suffering from a number of ailments, but mental discord was the worst of all. For about two years I had been treated by several physicians, and I took their medicine many times a day, but grew worse all the time. No two of them agreed about my diseases, for each gave a different name and a different cause, until I lost faith in them all, as well as in their medicines. In my disappointed state of mind I yet believed there must be something by which I could be healed. I thought of so went to the library and obtained two books on the subject, written by some eminent doctors. I studied them carefully for several weeks, and also tried to practise will-power to a certain extent, and to think myself well; but instead of gaining my freedom I grew worse, especially mentally, so I lost faith in that method also.

December 26, 1914

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