Healing and Gratitude

There is no denying that Christian Science awakens in the human mind new and healthful sentiments, and quickens those that already exist. This is especially noticeable with respect to gratitude, thankfulness for relief from suffering usually being its first manifestation. Gratitude and healing may indeed be called inseparable; they are in fact so closely related that it is not always easy to determine which is cause and which effect. It would be quite impossible to think of one's being healed in Christian Science without being grateful for the healing, and the intensity of the thankfulness would really measure the extent of the healing.

This does not in any way refer to wordy gratitude, for in some instances we had best follow the advice of our revered Leader, when she bids us "put the finger on the lips and remember our blessings" (Science and Health, p. 3). We must not, however, fail to "remember," and if we find our gratitude at all lukewarm, it were well to seek with wholehearted devotion for more spirituality, for this is what brings the healing which makes one "every whit whole." The story of the ten lepers who came to Jesus and besought his aid is of intense interest to students of Christian Science, because they know that the divine Principle manifested in all the work of Christ Jesus is as truly available today as then; also because this demonstration is truly typical of the healing work undertaken and accomplished in Christian Science. Of the ten men, nine were presumably Jews, familiar with the requirements of Levitical law, which seem to point to the possible healing of this dreaded disease; but in their case nothing beyond their segregation had been reached, until Christ Jesus responded to their pitiful appeal.

Lecture in The Mother Church
December 26, 1914

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