How many times a seemingly unimportant circumstance has aroused the latent thought force to remove what to our mortal consciousness appeared an insurmountable obstacle, and to lift us out of a condition of abject fear and faithlessness, showing us that the divine presence is not only around and about us, but that whatever our problem may be, God is holding our hand and is helping us. These manifestations of Truth and Love "with us," frequently come through most unexpected channels, establishing again in this way the actuality of the divine omnipresence, and proving that with God "all things work together for good."

As I passed one day out into the street, on my way to my place of business, an overwhelming realization of the day's cares and burdens crowded down upon me, sweeping away, as it seemed, the last vestiges of strength, courage, and faith that remained. For a moment I was stunned, then with the hope that even a faint ray might light my path, I walked slowly along. As I turned into the next street I heard the plaintive cry of a dog; and looking ahead I saw a small Scotch terrier running along behind a coal wagon. Just at the same moment the driver stopped his horses and, looking back, called to the little animal, which had followed unknown to his master. The dog placed his feet on the hub of one of the wheels, and reaching down, the man pulled him up on the seat. The little creature manifested his gratitude by loud cries, displaying his affection by kissing the face and hands of his loving friend. As the man looked at him, a smile lighted up the smutted face, changing the hard, dull, careworn expression to one that was loving, bright, and even beautiful.

June 24, 1911

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