The use of the word healing in connection with Christian Science...

Philadelphia (Pa.) Telegraph

The use of the word healing in connection with Christian Science is sometimes objected to, the criticism being made that a somewhat overreligious shading is thereby given. But when one looks into the work done by Christian Science for those who appeal to it for help, fault can no longer be found with the use of the word healing in that connection.

In the dictionary we find that to "heal" means to "make whole or sound; to restore to wholesome conditions; remove something evil or noxious from; purify; cleanse; strengthen," and here we have a very good definition of that which Christian Science does to those who come to it for aid. Or perhaps it would be more correct to say that its teachings lead them to that knowledge of divine Love which does this work; for Christian Science is but a name given to that system of thought based upon the work done by Jesus of Galilee. It is a religion in the highest and best sense of the word; a religion losing none of those beautiful and good things embraced by all true religions, but elucidating them so that their meaning becomes understandable and of a most wholesome and lovely service.

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