Christian Scientists accept the statement of Christ Jesus...

Edinburgh (Scot.) Dispatch

Christian Scientists accept the statement of Christ Jesus that the kingdom of heaven is within, and they understand this to mean that heaven is not a locality, but a condition of thought. Further, they understand our Lord's teachings to be that heaven is to be attained not by ceremonies and acts of worship, but by a process of improved thought, by turning constantly away from sin and toward Spirit. In order to test this process of thinking, the Master said: "These sings shall follow them that believe. ... they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." Christian Scientists find that this saying is being verified in their experience, that their improved thoughts are manifested in improved health, and that they are able to heal others also. In this way a Christian Science student finds his health depends upon his right thinking.

If all in this town of Edinburgh thought thus, would there be more or less disorder, drunkenness, and crime? Would there be more or less civilization? It is universally admitted that drink and impurity are responsible for a great part of the disease in the country. The Christian Scientist, then, only goes a step farther when he maintains that all illness is the outcome of mistaken, inaccurate thought. Christian Scientists are most careful to observe the laws of the land and the regulations of the town in which they live, as regards infection, as in all other matters. Indeed we often do what we personally dislike and consider unnecessary, in order to be good citizens and good neighbors. If we keep our houses airy and clean from love of purity rather than from fear of microbes, need any one complain?

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