Through applying the truth as found in the Bible, and...

Through applying the truth as found in the Bible, and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, I have found a way to be well, after having been pronounced incurable by doctors; and I shall never be able to express in words my gratitude to God for giving to Mrs. Eddy that wonderful gift of spiritual illumination. Christian Science has shown me the way to health and happiness, and has proved conclusively that as God's child I do not need to be sick.

Previous to March, 1909, I had been troubled with pains in my leg for over six years, and at the end of March I took to my bed and did not walk again for six months. In April the doctors held a consultation and pronounced me incurable, saying (though they did not tell me at that time) that I could not get well. The doctors pronounced the disease tuberculosis of the bone. I submitted to an operation on June 22; my leg was put in a plaster cast two different times, and was kept so for over seven weeks. I left the hospital after five weeks, on the road as I thought to good health, but after I had been home four days I seemed to have lost all I had gained by the operation, and the leg broke out again very badly. The surgeon who performed the operation was consulted by the doctor who had attended me through all this illness, and a remedy was prescribed and used for weeks, but with no good result. The surgeon was again consulted, and he then said I would have to go to the hospital and submit to another operation, and perhaps two; that if I did not, I would never be able to walk again, but have to lie in bed indefinitely, with the outcome a life of miserable invalidism.

It was at this time that I had the opportunity to learn something of the truth which makes us free. Having a sister who is a Christian Scientist, I inquired of her how I might learn something of this truth, and after explaining something of its teachings, she directed me how I might get help, and my daughter was sent to find a practitioner. It was late in the evening when the good lady was found, so she gave me an absent treatment, while my daughter waited. The practitioner also sent a copy of Science and Health, with the cheering message that there was yet hope for me. The next morning she came to see me, and I shall never forget how we were lifted from blank despair into hope, as we were assured most positively that God never sent this affliction upon me. I experienced a spiritual uplift such as I had never known before; it seemed to me that this explanation of divine Love was most reasonable, and that I could accept it as the truth. In less than three weeks I had learned enough of the truth to get out of bed unassisted except by divine Love and Truth; I walked from one room to another, and then down the stairs to the porch. What a blessing it was to know that God heals all our diseases!

Testimony of Healing
Three and a half years ago, on a to me very memorable...
November 18, 1911

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