What business man has not prayed? And what business man has not felt that at times his prayers were unanswered because they fell short of the fruition which to his sense ought to have come to him by reason of earnest labor and honest endeavor? Certainly this has been the lot of many, and at such times, when honest hope and good motive warrant success, the business man may ask himself, "What is the matter with my prayer?" Concurrent with this question, the student of the times sees this phenomenon, that whereas in the human stress and strife of business there seems to be a concentration of responsibility and money control, on the Godward side there is the making toward universality, unity of men and nations, brotherly kindness, and, withal, a divine economy. These two tendencies, essentially the antipodes of each other, seem to be at war; but in reality they are not, because one is the real and the other the non-lasting or unreal condition.

Christian Science enters the arena to explain, as no other system of Christianly economic study has ever done, how it is that a man can be a Christian and yet stay in the business whirl; how a man can love his neighbor as himself and yet have a crust to himself; how a man can pray aright and effectively. As the correct view of astronomy cannot be gained unless the student takes an imaginary position outside of the mundane sphere, so the business man is aided in his vision of his eventuality the moment he assumes a focal point outside the material sense of gain and loss. Christ Jesus, our Exemplar, with unerring exactness and simplicity said that men ask amiss when they ask for things that they may consume them upon their material desires.

November 18, 1911

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