It is very much the fashion among the less broad and...

Montgomery (Ala.) Times

It is very much the fashion among the less broad and tolerant of the theologians and many of their followers.—those who take especial pride in vaunting their strict orthodoxy,—to criticize in most unfriendly terms the followers of Mrs. Eddy, the author of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and the Founder of this new form of faith. They have been charged with an attempt to upset belief, with fanaticism, even with immorality; but no one who has come in contact with these people will admit the truth of such a charge. Their lives, so far as we have observed, are simple, sincere, and inspiring. The requirements, however, for a full embracement of Christian Science appear exacting: for they cover the actual relinquishment of sin and vice and an absolute demonstration that this has been undertaken in all sincerity by the neophyte.

We can say, with perfect truth, that the limited number of persons coming under our individual observation who have embraced this faith, have been improved morally and physically, and since the only sane way to judge of a planting is by the fruits produced, it is quite impossible to join with those who denounce Christian Science, Christian Scientists, and more particularly Mrs. Eddy, who has undoubtedly been hounded in no small measure both by those in search of newspaper sensationalism and those who have wished to discredit her manner, her ways, and the effects of her teaching.

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