It is now generally understood that Christian Science is...

Hampshire Observer

It is now generally understood that Christian Science is based entirely on the teaching of the Scriptures. Indeed, Mrs. Eddy has said on page 110 of Science and Health, in referring to her discovery of Christian Science, "The Bible was my only text-book;" and there are many thousands who declare today that the Bible was to them a sealed book until they commenced to study it in the light of Christian Science. From cover to cover of the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy declares the impossibility of practising Christian Science except through implicit obedience to the teachings and commands of the great Master. There could be no sounder teaching than this.

With regard to the teachings being "unscientific." One of the definitions of "science" given by Webster is "knowledge classified and made available in work, life, or the search for truth." Christ Jesus taught no mere theory; he proved that his teachings were scientific, demonstrable, and that those who understood his teachings would do the works he did. He said further that a tree is known by its fruits, or in the words of St. James, "Faith without works is dead." Now, Christian Science declares that those teachings and that standard are as practical and essential today as they were nearly two thousand years ago, and it is because Christian Scientists are striving to obey these commands that they are enabled to free themselves and others from the bondage of sin and the misery of sickness. For some three hundred years after the ascension it is known that the healing of sickness continued to be just as essential a part of the Christian religion as preaching the gospel; but gradually the command became divided, with the result that to clergymen is left the duty of fulfilling the first part, while doctors and hospitals are expected to comply with the latter portion of the command, which was never meant to be and never should have been divided.

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