It sometimes happens that Christian Scientists become so engrossed in the various activities in which their churches are engaged, that they lose the right perspective of these activities, and thus are apt to exaggerate the importance of some and dwarf the importance of others. While it is true that everything which pertains to the conduct of the affairs of the Christian Science church should be done in the best possible manner, it is not always true that the most elaborate most expensive, or most showy way is the best. The one and only reason for the existence of a Christian Science church is that the gospel of Christ Jesus may be preached in the most effective and convincing manner, and remembering the simplicity which characterized his method of teaching, it goes without saying that this manner should be neither sensational nor ostentatious.

Jesus' preaching of the gospel of salvation from sin was coincident with his healing of the sick, and when he was asked to establish his claim to the Messiahship he unhesitatingly pointed to the works which he had done, in proof of his divine sonship, rather than to creed, dogma, or ritual. Again, when he had nearly closed his earthly ministry, he impressed upon his followers that these same works, the healing of the sick and suffering ones of earth, should also be done by those who believed on him. When he instructed his followers to preach the gospel and heal the sick, he did not lay greater stress upon one than the other, but rather coupled the two in such a manner as would indicate that they were to be regarded as concurrent and inseparable. The Master's works and words were in entire harmony, and the New Testament is as much a record of the healing of the lame, the halt, the blind, and those who suffered from all manner of diseases, as it is a compilation of his sayings.

March 5, 1910

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