I have sometimes heard it said by non-Scientists that...

I have sometimes heard it said by non-Scientists that Christian Science can be of no use in cases of injury to bones, so I am anxious to express my gratitude for what it has done for me in this respect. I am thankful to say that I have been blessed all my life with excellent health; it is therefore chiefly in regard to the overcoming of accidents that I have reason to acknowledge the power of Truth.

More than a year ago I had a fall when out hunting, injuring my right arm severely by coming in contact with a large tree root. By the time I got home the arm was extremely stiff and swollen, while the point of the elbow seemed to have got inside the arm, and it was a most misshapen and distorted thing to look upon. Christian Science was new to me at that time, and as the pain seemed very real the next day, I wrote for help, for it appeared almost incredible that such a deformity could resume its proper shape without even a bandage as material aid (I used nothing whatever). The letter was received on Sunday; and that morning the arm was badly discolored and quite immovable. It was also to sense extremely painful. About eleven o'clock the pain began to lessen, and by night the whole of the bruise and discoloration had disappeared and the swelling had considerably abated, though the arm was still quite useless. The next day, Monday, I was hunting again! At the end of four days I could straighten my arm, but it was about ten days before I could raise my hand to my head, the delay being due, I feel sure, to fear, for I could not at once overcome the dread of permanent stiffness,—not then realizing that "with God all things are possible." The arm has never troubled me since, and it is perfectly normal.

Testimony of Healing
I received many benefits in Christian Science before I...
March 5, 1910

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