I have no brief for the Scientists, but love and admire...

Manchester (Eng.) Chronicle

I have no brief for the Scientists, but love and admire them for their work and the glorious results obtaining in their midst in relieving humanity of its woes by healing their diseases and purifying their hearts through faith in the unchanging laws of truth contained in the Word of God. Is Dr. Wilding to be arraigned for becoming a Scientist when he proved the truth of its statements by that glorious healing of his crippled child? Again, four incurable—according to materia medica—cases under his charge were introduced to this faith, and all recovered. And what of the judges, ministers, and educated people, lecturing the world over in the truths of this cult, every one of whom have been healed of their diseases. The preacher did not also mention Professor Maclagan, of Edinburgh University, the great medical authority, who denounced medicine and surgery before an assembly of professors and students when he was over eighty years of age. As to the charge for treating a patient, that is not worth mentioning; Scientists have to live—so had the apostles, but mainly by gifts and not fixed salaries.

March 5, 1910

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