Our critic asks, "When the church and science are arrayed...

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Our critic asks, "When the church and science are arrayed against Christian Science, it certainly is worth while to ask, Why is this so?" The only reason why the churches are opposed to Christian Science is that it takes Jesus at his word. He said: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." His works included preaching the gospel and healing the sick. The churches at the present time interpret this to mean that his followers shall only preach, leaving the healing undone. Jesus said: "These ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone." However, the signs of the times indicate that the churches will soon fall into line. Unfortunately for the churches, some of them have tried to do the works of Christian Science by means of hypnotism, suggestion, etc., but they have not succeeded. They can turn to Christian Science and find the true way to divine healing, however.

Mrs. Eddy has said: "If the lives of Christian Scientists attest their fidelity to Truth, I predict that in the twentieth century every Christian church in our land, and a few in far-off lands, will approximate the understanding of Christian Science sufficiently to heal the sick in his name" [Pulpit and Press, p. 22]. It is encouraging to note that many clergymen are now of the opinion that the healing of the sick ought to be done in the churches. Christian Science has been opposed by material science because it is so spiritual. Christian Science holds that God, Spirit is All. Accordingly it is maintained that Spirit is the only real substance. The discovery of radium has caused even the material scientists to admit, more generally than before, the unreality of matter. So scientists are coming to the same conclusion that Mrs. Eddy has held in regard to the nature of matter. The belief in the reality of matter, the substratum of mortal mind, is the cause of sin, sickness, and death—all evil. It must be apparent that there can be no evil in Spirit, God.

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