Among the hard sayings of the Master was that seemingly impossible command to love the neighbor as one's self. The great importance of this command is evident when it is remembered that on this word and one other; namely, to love God with all the heart, soul, strength, and mind, "hang all the law and the prophets." Jesus declared that he came not to destroy but to fulfil, and he demonstrated the possibility of keeping these two commandments. He also revealed the great good that comes into human experience as the result of living in harmony with the law of God. He taught others to strive earnestly for the consciousness of good which he had attained, and he assured his followers that greater works than he had accomplished were possible to all who gained the understanding of Truth.

All will admit that if humanity had learned obedience to these two commandments, no one would be the loser but all would gain infinitely more than can at this time be realized. But mortal existence is so exceedingly selfish and so inclined to the consideration of little else than its own interests, and the possibility of ever reaching the desired goal seems so remote, that there is little to inspire effort in this direction. Then, too, there is the fear that if one were to attempt a practical application of this rule of conduct and order the affairs of this life according thereto, he would suffer greatly on account of the selfish consideration of others. The import of the Scriptural word, "It is more blessed to give than to receive," is not fully realized, and the possibility of individual gain in ways that are considered no part of material success, is not duly appreciated.

March 5, 1910

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