It would not be right if the Swedish public were permitted...


It would not be right if the Swedish public were permitted to gain their impressions of Christian Science from articles appearing of late in the Swedish press. Without in the least wishing to engage in a theological controversy, I would appreciate the courtesy of enough of your space in which to correct some of the misstatements. It is said that the Christian Science text-book, Science and Health, "is the Bible of the Scientists." Christian Scientists have the same Bible that all Christendom unites in using, The King James translation, which is used in all Christian churches where the English language is spoken, is used in the Christian Science church. Science and Health is exactly what it purports to be, a key to the Scriptures. It is a commentary, and inasmuch as other denominations have their commentaries, it is difficult to understand why Christian Scientists should be criticized for having one of their own.

Christian Science is not "impossible to understand." The gospel message of salvation, as contained in Christian Science, is no more mysterious than were the teachings of Jesus, although today, as in his time, there are many who do not understand this message for one reason or another. The message itself is simple, and the fact that hundreds of thousands of men and women in all walks of life, in varying degrees of mental culture, understand and demonstrate the truth of Christian Science, seems to be satisfactory proof that it is not impossible to understand. Nothing is farther from the fact than the statement which has appeared, that Science and Health says "the Bible is full of mistakes, and can be rightly understood only when interpreted by Science and Health, which is the only book that is infallible." Science and Health makes no such statement about the Bible, and no one has ever claimed that Science and Health is infallible.

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