I have long felt that it was time to express in some way...

I have long felt that it was time to express in some way my gratitude for Christian Science and all that it has done for me and mine, but it has always seemed hard to find words that would even in a small way show what I feel. The physical healing I have received has been truly wonderful, as all my life I had been in bondage to ills of all kinds; but now, as I am able to prove the truth of being for myself, after seeing my little girl of three years exposed to different contagious diseases and not being touched by them, I realize that we are each and every one of us protected by our loving Father-Mother God.

Fear has always been for me, as I think it is for many, the most stubborn enemy to be overcome; but I am learning daily that to put our trust wholly and unreservedly in divine Principle, in our God who is all good and never sends evil on us, is bringing us nearer each day to all that we should be as Christian Scientists. While there is seemingly in my experience much to be overcome, I am learning hourly to rejoice always in ever-present Love, and in this I feel I am doing much. To prove my gratitude to God, and to Mrs. Eddy for this truth, I pray always that I may be faithful to the Cause of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I have sometimes heard it said by non-Scientists that...
March 5, 1910

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