When our little girl was three weeks old she had an...

When our little girl was three weeks old she had an attack of illness, but our physician advised us not to give her any more medicine than was absolutely necessary. Believing that the trouble would soon wear itself away, we patiently awaited the improvement which did not come; then for twenty months we struggled to find some help for her condition, which was constantly growing worse. All that physicians, nurses, and experienced mothers could suggest, was resorted to in vain. During these twenty months the child had never slept more than three continuous hours, and she always awakened crying, as if in pain, and it was anywhere from half an hour to two hours before she could be quieted and again put to sleep. Finally she had a bronchial attack, and with the aid of a skilful physician we struggled several days to keep her with us. After this attack the physician told me the time had come to be plain-spoken; he said I must know that the child could not go on that way much longer, unless something were done to relieve her; that she had no constitution whatever; that another attack such as she had just endured would surely prove fatal. He further declared he knew of only one thing which might help her, and that was six months of special treatment.

One doctor had cautioned me about drugs, and here was another, equally skilled and conscientious, advising drugs for six months! Worn and discouraged, I cried a good share of that night, and the clouds seemed very dark and heavy. The next day my husband suggested that I call on a friend who had become a Christian Science practitioner, remarking that Science could not hurt our baby, which was more than we knew about medicines. After telling this friend our anxiety, and frankly admitting that I had no faith in Christian Science, but did not know what else to try, I was assured that "man's extremity is God's opportunity," and baby had her first treatment.

June 19, 1909

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