[Christian Work and Evangelist.]

The day of sectarianism is doomed, for this sense of the universality of religion will rapidly take men's minds off those smaller facts that divide. It has never been the eternal or universal elements in Christianity that have made sects. It has been the lesser things of the mind, not the deep things of the heart. The happies sign of our time is this growing desire to get back to the great eternal truths of Christ, the truths that must be true in heaven and earth, time and eternity, in men and angels. Men will not long be interested in any truth that is not large enough for all men. It is already getting harder and harder to awaken discussions over things that have divided sects. We speak before all kinds of denominations and we find the intelligent man is not interested any longer in denominational truth. A truth which is not big enough for all men to hold will not win the modern man. The sooner the church recognizes this, and puts all her emphasis on proclaiming the great, divinely human, fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ, and holding up his life as the pattern of the ages, the better it will be for the church. Scores of intelligent men, who have caught this vision of the universality of Christianity, and who know that truth which is not large enough for all Christians will never hold this age, are already getting impatient with those leaders who insist on calling the temporal, passing things which divide men, Christianity.

June 19, 1909

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