The point that Christian Scientists emphasize more than...

Scranton (Ia.) Journal

The point that Christian Scientists emphasize more than other Christians is the present necessity for healing the sick as well as the sinner. Christian Science teaches that God's laws are infinite, consequently that they change not. This agrees with the Scriptural statement that God is without variableness, "neither shadow of turning;" therefore the law or process by which the disciples were to "heal the sick" and "cast out devils" still remains as essential and fundamental Christianity.

It must be plain to every one that there can be no new truth; it is also plain to many people that truth may seemingly be obscured for a time. The truths of Christian healing have been to a great extent ignored or neglected by most Christian denominations, hence the necessity for that which produces a more active and intelligent interest in them and which furnishes an adequate understanding of the availability of God's laws at the present time to the healing of the sick and the sinner. Now in all this our critic and Christians generally are bound to concur, for these are the plain teachings of Scripture. The fact is that we are all striving to bring out the best results possible, though we may not all adopt the same methods. A choice between methods can be properly determined only on the basis of results. Christian Scientists are satisfied that the teaching of Christian Science produces the best results in the healing of the sick and the reformation of the sinful of anything of which they have cognizance; therefore they insist that Christian Science is emphatically Christian.

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